Sunday, February 2, 2014

The SEATTLE SEAHAWKS are in the Superbowl... I live in Seattle...and didn't even know the odds of who would win!!!‏

Can You believe a Frame sports fan not knowing that information?

Last Sunday we drove to 194th about 11:00am to visit four new members before church and the streets from 200th to 176th were PACKED with cars, people walking dressed in SeaHawk clothes and garb, flags waving and we wondered what was happening. So we asked someone out our window, "Are you Kidding me?" he said, "the SeaHawks just flew out to New York and there were 30,000 people at the airport near these streets. And we thought, "Are you kidding me right now!" We were amazed at the number of people and our lack of what was going on!

Sunday was a beautiful day and that evening we send our #'s to Pres. Miller. We had 94 contacts, 42 members, 52 non-members, 2 Spanish Referrals, 2 service hours and 19 at church. So, that is basically what we do with our time. It can be a bit discouraging with no positive investigators and church attendance down but that is what happens sometimes and next week will be better. Sunday we had dinner with Engdahl's and Lizzy; Monday we and Elders Anderson/Kendall ate at Pipkins. We love these experiences so we can go into the homes of the people.

P-day this week had no thrills or excitement. We cleaned and washed. I was 'Crowned' Queen for the day at my dental appointment...and that does not come cheap. Sister Carter also had an appointment but her's was not nearly as expensive as mine.

Another trip to the "Bread Bank" filled the back of my little CRV. Our Zone Leader Elder Seppi can have no gluten so we get him about 6 loaves or 'gluten free' bread and also get his companion, Elder Webb a couple of loaves. We went to visit Tamara and saw such a beautiful Burmese family and offered them some bread from our car. They were glad to get as much bread as they wanted and are interested in hearing about the church. We will go back Tues with Esther because she and they both speak Chin. We met another gentlemen as we were looking for a less-active lady. She had moved from the home and he now lives there. He is a retired Attorney living in a BEAUTIFUL home on Angle Lake, says he knows about Mormons and yes, we can come back and teach him more. Also, we met a new member, Jeanne and when when we told her of the 1:00 Sacrament Meeting time she seemed more interested in coming and said she would be there. 

Sister Floyd, our Bishop's wife, asked us to come Thursday evening this week for supper. Bishop was out of town and she said, "I don't know really why I am inviting you to dinner but I just want to have you come". We graciously accepted. Sister Boyd, her non-member mom whom we love and her son Steve were also there. We had a wonderful meal, a message, a song and a prayer and as we left Sister Floyd followed us outside. She had received some negative results from a medical test and Bishop was not home. Not wanting to worry her mom or son without more information, she realized why she had invited us to she could talk with someone. I love to experience these sweet and incredible Miracles.

We continue to visit members (usually less-active) that need to be reminded of their Heavenly Father's love. This week some of those visited were P.J., Tsega, Smith's, Mah's, Betty, Roberta, Kathleen and Conrad, Esther, Sandi, Jack and Willey. I really know that none of us can receive too much love and it is such a pleasure to share time with these dear people.

We went to Koya's home for our 1st lesson and she had been detained at work. We visited with Marcello, her 17 year old basketball playing son at Tyee High School. He was such a polite young man and we are excited to go back this coming week.

The Highlight of the week was Zone Conference. I love these meetings...being in our seats @ 8:30 to sing for 1/2 hour, meeting starting at 9:00, lunch from 12-1 and then meetings until 4:30. We were home at 5:30. Yes, we were exhausted but it really is worth it. During our lunch break Pres. Choi interviewed me for a new Temple Recommend. What a privilege to be interviewed by a General Authority and my Mission President. This recommend has no bishop of stake president signature. The Themes Pres. Choi always speaks of are High Expectations and Obedience. He teaches us that as we set these expectations higher, we look higher and practice all we do with a greater desire to be a better missionary. We work harder, study harder and accomplish much more. If we do not reach the expectation, we are not the losers because we have grown and become better in the process...and it is a process! But through the process of High Expectations we think and act differently. He reminds us continually that obedience is the First Commandment of God and we will be blessed for the choices we make to Follow our Father and Jesus Christ.

MIRACLE OF THE DAY!! We went on our "bread run' to a trailer park where we went last week. It is fun because about 8-9 children came out of very humble mobile homes and were excited to get some bread to take home. Last week two mothers came out also and we visited for a minute, no church mentioned. This afternoon some of the same children came out and wanted bread. The one adorable girl, about 7-8 said her mother wanted our business card. I told her we were Missionaries and I gave her our card and also a pass-a-long card. He mother came a few minutes later...then dad came with the baby and also another son. Long story short....they are coming to church tomorrow. Edith wants to make religious changes in the lives of her family and so does her husband Alex. The children are so excited to come. And guess what....Sister Carter/Sister Frame are even more excited for all of them!! We went to the trailer court at this time when dad had just gotten home from work because we missed the road we were looking for and decide to change out route. Small and simple mean bring about great events!! (**Sunday update:** The WHOLE family came to church today and thoroughly enjoyed it, we couldn't have been happier for them)

 I think I have run out of space but I am so excited to be doing this work!!
I Love the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Restoration of this Gospel!!!
I LOVE the Book of Mormon and the truths it teaches and I know that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God in these Latter-days!!
I am so indebted to my Heavenly Father for all he blesses me with. I experiences so many marvelous happenings each day and I can't express enough gratitude. Thanks to all of you for your prayers, your notes and letters. Please take time to recognize the miracles in your lives and to write them down.

Love to all of you, Sister Frame

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