Saturday, February 22, 2014

"Because of our Choices to serve missions, our families are blessed!"‏

These are the words from Sister Choi at a Senior Missionary Training held on Mercer Island at Pres. and Sister Choi's home.  There were 20 of us in attendance and all were couples except six of us.  She finished this quote with another sentence: "How can each of do better to help our families be strong in the Gospel?....Be on a mission!!  Anyway, this was a beautiful few hours together and it is a privilege to rub shoulders with such fine people.  Of this group our Home Teachers are Brother and Sister Allen from Colorado Spring, Colorado and we just love them very much.

Sister Carter and I are trying to be more obedient in all we do.  This Tuesday evening it was extremely cold and rainy and we really want to go home at a little after 6 :00 but we are taught the best hours are 5-7 to be out to find the people so we decided to go to two more homes.  You have to remember that these two 'ole ladies' do not HAVE to do everything the Elders and Sisters do but we certainly do want to do all we are capable of to prove to Father that we are willing to go the extra mile.  We went to the home of Thaun on Military Road.  We have been to her home about 10 time and only visited once as she was leaving to go to work and she had no time to visit so this was a great visit...for us and also for her.  She needed to see us.  She hasn't been to church for about seven years and she is a member.  We just needed to remind her of the love she had for the church when she was baptized.  All three of us felt the spirit and we hope and pray she will choose to come.  Her family is Buddhist and lives close by so this make the decision a hard one for her.
Then we went to see Patrick, where we have been eight times and he was never home.  Finally the door opened.  This gentleman had lived in the apartment for 6 months and he was not "Patrick".  He was Buddhist and was not interested in the church,  now those records will be sent to SLC and hopefully taken off the Ward Directory.

We went on another 'bread run' Tuesday...(yes, we usually go 2 times a week...Elder Seppi, our Zone Leader, needs 'gluten free bread' and we can almost always find it for him.  We leave it at the church and when he goes to the church he picks it up.  It is a great exchange and we are glad we can help all the Elders with their bread needs). This day we also  went to see Jack (80) and Willey.Jack loves to have us come and we visit and give them a message, sing a song and have prayer. Today as we sang "Teach Me to Walk" Willey was standing behind his dad and the tears started to flow!  What a tender moment.  Yes, he is a member but has had a very tough life with drugs and alcohol and jails, etc. so when he allows the Spirit to come into his heart it is wonderful for him to feel the truthfulness of the words that we sang. You are probably amazed at the number of times  I share the experiences we have with the simple songs Sister Carter/Sister Frame sing all over this area.  Pres. Choi tells us to 'sing, sing, sing' and we really are trying to be His instruments to share the Love of Christ.

We went to Vicki's apartment and packed up books for 2 hours.  Oh my!  The packing was not so bad but the 'wisdom departed' when I lifted the 8 boxes (paper size from staples with at least 40+ books in each box) onto the rolling cart and then Sister Carter and I lifted them into the trunk of her car and in the back seat.  What in the world were we thinking?  Then probably 2 minutes later as we were visiting with Vicki,  our dear Elder Anderson and Elder Kendall came out of an apartment and wanted to know if they could do anything for us.  Are you kidding me?  We both have tender backs but the service is an incredible part of our missions and we love doing it.

Thursday night we went to the church for a Ward Missionary Coordination Meeting.  As the 6 missionaries in our ward meet with the Ward Mission Leader and some of the Ward Missionaries that have been called by the Bishop, some excellent plans are made for those people all of us are working with...who will pick up those without car, who will go visit some during the week, who will teach New Member Lessons to those newly baptized, how to help those that are slipping that have been baptized and whatever needs to be discussed.  This is a great meeting.  As we left our Zone Leader Elder Seppi and his new Companion, Elder Pfister came 'hurrying' down the hall with such excitement.  One of their investigators had just completed a 72 hour fast and the Elders had completed a 24 hour fast for here and 'she wanted to be baptized  because she knew the church was true"!!!  These Elders  were beyond happy!  God does hear and answer our prayers and He knows his Children!

We went to see Marlene and I am just so blessed to know her!  She is in a Care Giving Home because he husband (both are 80) just can't lift her anymore.  She is paralyzed from her mid-section down and confined in a LARGE wheelchair whenever not in bed.  We visit her about every 3 week and give her a message from the ipad and also play music for her.  This makes her incredibly happy!!!  We love visiting with her and I continue to be blessed to see people who do not have 'everything' are some of the happiest people I know.  What a blessing to be reminded of those things that matter most!  We left her home 'more than appreciative' for the privilege of rubbing shoulders with her.  Then we went to Smith's trailer with Nancy.  They had called earlier, we had an appointment to go sing with them, because they wanted us to brings someone they could share their testimonies with.  Yes, she is 93 and he is 91 and this is called 'Enduring to the End'  So we went.  Nancy was baptized on June 14 and has only come back to church a few times.  She made a commitment that she would come this year and never miss and she has completed her desires 100% and we are so happy for her.  She has had a hard life and finds it very hard to trust people so this experience was just the best for all involved.  We now have a standing invitation for all five of us to be together Friday's at 4 and sing and sing and sing!!

FHE on Monday Evening was just really fun!  All took treats and we watched the movie, "Second Hand Lions".  It was just so delightful, in fact Sister Carter almost fell off her seat she laughed so hard.  All of you need to get one and take 1 1/2 hours and sit down and enjoy the time with your families.

Tuesday Morning we had District Meeting.  It was just the best!  Elder Searing does an excellent job and his humility speaks so loudly we hear even more than he says.  The main message was the Importance of having Investigators and Less-actives come to church.  In fact, all of us need to make sure we go to church.  CPR is vital to spiritual, prayer and reading the B of M.

   front row:  Elders Searing DL, Grogitsky, Stringham Zone Leader and Elder Ibarra
   back row:  Elder Seppi  Zone Leader, Sis. Carter, Elder Pfister, Sis Frame
            Sisters Boyce and McBride, Elders Chadwich and Griffiths.

It is time to go to the Stake Valentines Dance and meet a part-member family so I must go.
Thanks for your love and friendship and pictures that come from home and for so, so much.
This is just an incredible blessing and I feel it a privilege to serve on this Mission.
I know my Father lives and that He loves me and you and all His children.
May God be with you and bless you this week in all you do....and take time to look for the miracles and to record them!

Love to all of you,
Sister Frame

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