Sunday, March 23, 2014

"Of One Heart"

Wherever we are, we do it all together!" These were the words Tami sent me on an email today. Four of our children, Steve, Wendy, Tami and Kate, went to Salina to help Grandma Bird clean her home. Also Krista Bird Lisa Bird Evans and Stefanie Silcox Hansen. Just really made my heart happy to hear of the service they were doing for my 93 year old mom, Margie. You can see the group as they were getting ready to go home. Can you realize how much my mom loves and values her 16 grandchildren that love her and her 64 great grandchildren and 2 great-great grandchildren! That is amazing!!!

At the same time in Tukwila, Washington Sister Carter and myself, Elders Kendell/Garriss, Elders Chadwick/Gorner, Sister Brown and Adrian, Trenton and Quincy and Brother Mendenhall and his 2 children spent about 22 hours Saturday on a project of cleaning the front and side yard of a couple in our ward...and they did not know who accomplished this task!! ! She when to Arizona for 4 days to see her mother who is sick and he just had his 2nd recurring bout with cancer return and has started chemotherapy. He is a non-member and we love them both DEARLY!!!! So, the Sister Frame is in Washington and her sister and children and mom are in Salina, Utah doing all the same things. Yes, we are of One Heart and this makes my heart so happy!!!

This week we have knocked far less doors and have returned to finding and rescuing those that have forgotten what they believed...and we certainly love these meetings.Our visits with Marlene in her Care Facility a couple of times a month is just such a blessing to see and feel her happiness as she is confined to a wheelchair. She loves our ipad with the messages, music, our song at the end and also a prayer, which she is occasionally willing to say. We continue to visit with John and Helen and hope our visits lift their spirits and strengthen their testimony of Jesus Christ. He is always worried that we will not drive carefully enough, or that bad people with do things to us....he really does care. You know what, there is never a time in our lives when we don't enjoy others caring for and loving us.

Tonight we were visiting people and went to see Kyle. We never found him home until tonight and he said we were sent from Heavenly Father. He is working for Boeing in Seattle and his wife continues to work in Florida. It is extremely hard being apart and he has not been active. He had been thinking about coming to church because he had found our cards we left a month ago but just had not done it. Tonight as we came and shared what he believed and invited him to come to church on Sunday....with a very positive attitude.... he said he would be there and we hope he is!!

Doris came 3 weeks ago but then had an event she could not miss the following week, was sick the next week but said she would like us to pick her up this week. It is very apparent in all our lives that we find life to be easy to do those things we regularly do. And so, we should make it a habit to the good things over and over again so that they will just be a part of our lives.

Elders Kendell/Garriss
Dheaa and his family are from Iraq and are very strongly investigating our church. He has a lovely wife and 2 beautiful daughters. The Elders are teaching them and invited us to become a part of what they do. We invited and took them to a baby shower at our church and Dheaa had to come to interpret for his wife because the girls could not come. Everyone loves them and Dheaa is especially fun as he speaks the language. His wife does not do as well. They were to move to another apartment on Friday at 6:00pm. We went over at 11, taking them some bread and to see if we could do anything. They had NO boxes so Sister Carter and I quickly went to Saar's and loaded about 20 boxes in my little CRV, called another friend for some newspapers and then headed back to their apartment. They did not know how to pack the glass and
fragile pieces they owned so we spend an hour showing them how to pack and prepared a few boxes for them. He told us he hoped we would drive safely and be taken care of...God Willing! This phrase is expressed every time he speaks his kind and loving desires.  These are incredible people. The sad news is that they moved out of our Ward ...moving just 8 blocks. Elders Kendell/Garriss will no longer be able to teach them and the Zone Leaders will continue the work. They are Elders Stringham/Wohlgemuth. They did say they would like "The Sisters" to continue to visit and be friends with them. Oh, the blessings of being "The Sisters"!!

Flowering Tree 
Brother LeFevre had been outside moving his lawn (he is 80) and then started working on his car. When we completed our service project there were some apple fritters left so we went to visit him and take him a treat. What a very kind a gentle man! He stands at the chapel door at church and takes count of attendance...always a smile on this face and so pleased today that someone cared enough "to bring him a fritter". I just love these dear friends in Tukwila and Seatac and I am sure it is going to be very hard to drive from these cities and head home. I really had become a part of their lives and I love them.

Sunday evening we went to dinner at The Robinson's. They lived in the ward a short time, moved and have now returned. They are such very nice people with two 'little people' who chatted and talked the entire evening. We left a message, a song and a prayer. Then Brother Robinson played the piano and he is just incredible. So glad to spend the time with them and the spaghetti was delicious!!

Dick and Annabelle and Irene had us to dinner for Corned Beef and Cabbage. I have NEVER eaten this St. Patrick's Day specialty until March 17, 2013 and March 17, 2014 in Tukwila. I think that I prefer the
cabbage as the corned beef is rather spicy, but Sister Carter says it is delicious with some mustard on a sandwich. I'm not sure I will have that sandwich!!  These this dear couple are less active, I love them with all my heart and the thought that I will probably not see them again after the next 3 months fills my eyes with tears and my heart with sadness. They do not use the internet so I am extremely thankful for phones!

As we share our testimonies of the Restoration and of the Plan of Salvation, I realize how blessed I am to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and what a privilege it is to be one of 80,000 missionaries serving in the world today. I want you to know the badge I wear with the name of Jesus Christ on my heart all day, gives me great desires to be an example to all who see and hear me and I daily ask for strength to be a better person.

Endless are the people we visit who 'just happen' to need to know specific ideas of how to accomplish and teach certain truths to their families. Christine was so pleased to see what she could do on her ipad and the many stories she could use on Mormon Messages to teach her boys of faith and obedience. Leslie just could not believe the value of the ipad and what was available to be taught to her grandchildren...and also for herself and her husband. Pres. Choi reminds The Senior Missionaries of the blessing of the ipad and to use it as often as possible. We also continue to share our pictures of The Savior in our $ Store frames...they may be cheap but they protect the picture!!

Beautiful Blossoms
We continue our weekly "Sing Along's" with The Smiths and we also invite Nancy to come each day. It is such a blessing to be surrounded with greatness and to experience the love and humility of this dear couple who have been married probably for 70 years. They are just so wonderful and each time we go their love for and kindness to Nancy builds her trust and love for people and for her Heavenly Father. She is growing in the Love of God weekly because of the Smiths. I love Friday's at 4:00pm!!

Countless are the blessings from our Heavenly Father and I am daily reminded of His incredible love for all of His children! I know His heart is sad when we stumble and fall because he wants us to be happy! I also know that when we are 'climbing mountains' that are tall and hard to navigate, it is a time when growth comes because we are more humble as we plead for His help.
I know He is there beside us and we must be more sensitive to His love and kindness.
I am so thankful for such a glorious world. Wow! The blossoms are just so beautiful!
I am very thankful for the diversity of peoples and cultures in our area and I love to see and talk to these wonderful brothers and sisters!
Walking in the morning at 6:45 is now possible because of the sun coming up earlier and I LOVE this event. We walk inside our complex, which is fenced, and there is no need for concern!
I am so thankful that this ole body can love getting up each day and really look forward to those things written in our Daily Planner and seeing what else will happen!
I love my ipad and the availability of using it to teach of Jesus Christ!
I love the availability of technology that allows communication with family and friends.

May God bless you and be with you this week in all you do. Love to my family and my friends!
Take good care of each other, be patient and kind and look for the good in all you experience.
Take time to see the daily Miracles that are given to each of you and be sure to record them so they are not forgotten.

Love and Hugs to all of you!!
Sister Frame

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