Sunday, March 30, 2014

"High Expectations bring Results!!"‏

Another Beautiful Blossoming Tree
Sunday night we had a New Member Fireside to be attended by missionaries who bring either new members or investigators plus ward members of the Stake where the fireside is being held. For years this Fireside has been held on Mercer Island or in The President's Home on Mercer Island.  However, Pres. Choi decided he wanted to make it more available to all members in all areas so this Fireside will go to a different Stake Center each month and then begin the rotation in 8 months.  Our Seattle Stake was the first to hold this meeting.  There were about 60 missionaries in attendance; about 40 Elders and 20 Sisters and Sister Carter and Sister Frame.

This was the most glorious meeting I have ever been to in my life....really!! Our Missionary Choir of 60 sang "A Child's Prayer" and you just can't believe the beauty of this music with 40 male voices.  I received so much strength this evening and I am very thankful for the blessing of being a missionary and although our days are long and often hard, this was more payback than I could ever imagine.  We also sang the closing song, "The Time is Far Spent". I wish I could tell you so many things about the almost 2 hour meeting but there is just so much to say!!.  This I can say, "Peace in our lives comes with the Spirit of The Lord.  His Spirit will bless us with this blessing".  And President Choi reminds us continually, "Don't look around at people and compare yourselves but "look up" in all you do and know Heavenly Father knows you and loves you and will bless you".

Monday, P-day, was just the very best.  Sister Swensen from Orem and Sister Walker from Salt Lake live in Kirkland and had not been to the city.  "Never fear", we said because we think we are tour guides.  We had SUCH a great time...they drove to our apartment and we took the rails to the city, went to the cheese factory and got tasted the curds, walked though the market,  went down to Pier 57  to The Crab Pot...and you guessed.   We had delicious crab and had such a great time visiting.  Went back to the market and they wanted a pastry, crossed the street and sampled the 'fresh yogurt' which is incredibly good, walked to McDonalds and got a soda and headed home.  It really is so good to pause a minute from the busy missionary work and relax.That evening we went to FHE with the Stake Single Adults...played Mexican the great time of being with these dear sweet friends!!!

Sisters Frame, Swenson, Carter & Walker at the Pier in Seattle Mar 24, 2014

Tuesday was District Meeting and then we visited Sherry.  She no longer comes to church because of her frustration with 'those that say they believe in the church and do not act in any such way'....according to her.  It just breaks our hearts that she is allowing someone else to determine how she feels and that she not longer takes the Sacrament or pays her tithing.  We love her so much and we continually hope that one of our messages or our songs or our prayer will touch her heart enough that 'forgiveness' can be an action word in her life instead of harboring feelings.

We also visited the Smiths. We were going to visit about 8 more people about 3:30 but the roads were TOTALLY congested.They had been a 6 car pile-up in the north end of the area and cars were getting off the freeway in any direction they could so we just went home.  The roads were impossible!! Another day was just great.  We visited our Primary President and her 10 month son.  She is about 6' tall with beautiful, long and curly red hair.  We find that as we give our messages and sing our sons, hearts are touch and tears flow.  Well her's did.  She thinks she does not measure up and as she watch "Moments that Matter" we felt that she was touched in a way to realize he was doing just what she should be doing.  It was a great reminder to her!

We took Roberta to the FHC and then picked her up 2 hours later.  She really is moving along with her Family History...found some cousins today she did not know she had. We helped Vick for about 2 hours packing materials for storage. Visited Misty who is new in our ward and it really did brighten her spirits.  She had never had anyone sing to her and it really make her happy. Visited Alvarados.  She was home from Arizona and he had his 2nd Chemo treatment today.  Wow.  He was feeling great plus he had cut his long hair and trimmed a way bushy beard to about 1/4 inch and looked like another person.  Loved visiting with them.  They asked us if the Elders had cleaned their yard...we could not lie...and their hearts were just overwhelmed.  She has not been to church for about 20 years and he is a non-member and they just could not believe that people had come to help them.  This project included 6 missionaries, Brother Mendenhall and his 2 children and Sister Brown and her 3 boys.  The total time spent was 22 hours and it looked totally awesome.  Filled 20 bags with leaves and weeds and 'stuff'.  Invited her to the RS Birthday Party and she is coming.  Invited them to the "Chili Cookoff and Dessert Auction" on April 12 and they are coming.  Invited them to the "Interfaith Easter Celebration" April 13 and they said they would come.  This is so awesome!!!! They will also be to church on Sunday!!!!!

Elder Kendall, Sisters Nudd/Boyce; Elder Garriss Mar 29, 2014‏
Thursday our planner took us to Dheaa's and his family.  Oh the blessings from being "The Sisters" who have been asked to visit this family that moved from out ward.  The were SO happy to see us on Thursday and Mina (mom) and Rosea (25) greet us with 2 kisses on each side of the cheek and Dheaa with a handshake.   They rejoice when we can say, Shalom (hello)  In'sh Allah (God Willing)  Allah (God).  I had some more written down but I can't find them. They are delighted when we take them bread and fish.

Our District Leader, Kendell and Garriss and Sisters Boyce/Nudd just brought us a lobster and a cake from a Tongan Wedding and we will take these to Dheaa tomorrow morning before church.  It is so cold and rainy we made them some hot chocolate, took a picture and sent them on their way.  These are truly the Best Missionaries and we love them!!!!

I close with a thought I was reading tonight from D&C 19:38   "Pray always, and I will pour out my Spirit upon you, and great shall be your blessing...." May God be with all of you this week in all you do and say!  Pray always and speak softly... I Love my Heavenly Father and I know He loves me.  I love Jesus Christ and I am very thankful for the Atonement. I love being a Missionary and thank my Heavenly Father daily for the many experiences that He blesses Sister Carter and myself with.

Sister Frame

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