Sunday, March 2, 2014

"The Good News".....The Washington Seattle Mission is "going forth in the power of my Spirit"!‏

I am sure all of you wonder how I continue to say this has been the very best week of my life....but it has!! It seems that there is no end to the blessings that continue to be with these dear people in the Washington Seattle Mission and I love being a part of it.  In Sacrament meeting last week we were told that in 2014 there are 171 World Wide Temples planned and there are currently 141 in operation. The more temples there on this earth the more blessings there will be for those on earth. And why should we want to have temple we can be worthy to enter the temple...the same place the Savior walks the halls!

President Miller reminds us of the words to the hymn #263 "Go Forth With Faith":
Go Forth with Faith and tell the world
Of  Jesus Christ, The Lord.
Bear witness He is God's own Son
Proclaim His wondrous word.
Go forth with hope and courage strong
To spread the word abroad.
That people of all nations
Are Children of our God!
This is such a marvelous hymn that can uplift us, encourage us, teach us, and bear witness of Jesus Christ and his truths. And although he gave this message to the Missionaries In this mission, we must all remember "Every Member a Missionary".

Transfers were held this Thursday and there eight missionaries moved from our district. Elder Seppi, Elder Pfister who were Zone Leaders are gone and the sad thing is we do not know where they go. Elder Anderson who was Elder Kendalls companion and Elder Griffiths with Elder Chadwick are gone. Sister McBride was transferred who was with Sister Boyce. Elder Searing, our DL, Elder Grogitsky and Elder Ibarra are all transferred. This is just amazing. In the 14 months in the Mission field we have never lost that many missionaries in one transfer. Pres. Choi says, "Don't ask me why I was changed, look up and ask Heavenly Father. He put you there".

P-day, Dick and Annabelle and Irene took us to brunch. We had a good visit and then continued our jobs for the day. FHE this night was fun with "Community Train" and all that were there had a great time.

We have working with our new Ward Directory because we visit the new people to see if there are any part-members or less-actives or learn about the personalities of the new families and welcome them into the ward. This last week and a half we have found 17 persons/families that are not living at the addresses on the ward printout and the current owners have never heard of them.The Bishop loves us for helping find about the people before HT or VT go to them.

Thursday, we needed to be in North Seattle to a meeting and we were going to leave a bit earlier but decided to follow our plan for the day and go to a 'less-active sister's' home and found her there. Last week she was not there. She has not been to church for years and years and after visiting with her she decided she wants us to pick her up on Sunday! Who can turn down the love of these 'two ole ladies'? This makes any day GLORIOUS!!! I know our Heavenly Father is extremely pleased when and of His children decide to make some changes in their lives!!

We had a 4 hour service project on Thursday. A friend is planning to move in August and she broke her right arm a week ago and so she asked us if we could help her pack her books. Are you Kidding me?! She has hundreds, you would be amazed, and she has to look at each one, some she puts in the discard pile and others are boxed for storage. This is the 2nd time for this service and we are finished with books. Whew, but we do love to serve!

Friday Morning a "Special Conference" was held in North Seattle for our entire Zone. Like I said, there are so many new Elders and Sisters we just do not know many of them. President Choi called this meeting and I want you to know it was Incredible!!!! The first part of our meeting our Pres. went through the White Handbook and spoke very pointedly to all of us. We have improvements to make and we need to do them. He teachers with power and has fun with the spirit as he teaches. He then spoke the closing message. I am not able to write what we were taught or how how his example was carried out so I guess I will tell everyone either in a FHE or in a Sacrament talk. The Message he taught and gave was on the Atonement and I am totally amazed at the strength of his words. The Holy Ghost that filled the Chapel during this hour and I hope to never forget the message or the feeling that filled my heart!!

Sister Miller told this story of Russell Wilson, QB and #3 for the Seattle Seahawks. The halftime for the Superbowl was 45 minutes...longer than most. All the players were 'hanging around' doing whatever they do for this extended period of time but Russell Wilson went to the dressing room, removed all his equipment, clothes, tape and then went to the shower. After the shower, he was retaped, dressed and repared to go into the game completely clean as he did for the 1st quarter, refreshed and ready to go. His assignment for the Seahawks was to win the NFL! This was to be a very visible and outstanding win for him. As Missionaries, each of us has been called to be the QB for God's team. We need to come to this assignment, regardless of the quarter, completely clean inside and out; often our outward appearance is rather telling of our inner commitment. The Missionaries assignment is invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end! Wow! What an incredible win for Jesus Christ....and the missionaries who are here to assist Him. This part of our Special Conference just really touched my heart..our appearance at all times speaks so loudly. Members and non-members are always watching and they expect missionaries to be perfect. What a challenge!!

This morning we did a 'bread run' picking up probably 40+ loaves to distribute. We have a couple of trailer courts where the people are so incredibly thankful for what they receive I am just amazed. As we drove through the courts in my little CRV...tears filled my eyes because of the privilege I was having to serve these children of my Heavenly Father, regardless of religion. I am so indebted to my God.

About 1:00 we went to a sweet sister's home. She has not been to an LDS church since she went to BYU in the mid 60's and yes, she is a member but thinks she does not believe it. We met her in March, seeking to find some less actives. She was not pleased to have us come and for the next visit she still was not. About in September she invited us in, sharing information about herself we think she was trying to shock us with and we said, "So What". She felt this lack of judgment on our part and our attitude of unconditional love, which we really felt, and it filled her heart with a sweetness she had not felt for years. So, our visits continue now with a message, a song, and a prayer. Today as we arrived she started to cry saying we had no idea how important it was for her to have us come. Our visit was just the best and as we sang our 'new' song, "A Child's Prayer", she just sobbed!! Not willing to verbally share anything else with us, she just loved having us there. When we asked her if we could do anything for her, her sweet words were, "You came"!! Let none of us ever forget the value of a visit or a phone call. We all need to be loved and that is just the simple truth! I am so glad Jesus was willing to do all he did not me and that I daily feel of His love.!

Today, Sister Carter and I committed to 'knock doors' to find people to teach. Our schedule was totally busy until 4:00. It had rained ALL day and was really rather cold. But, we made a promise so at 4:10 we stopped the car in the area we had decided to work and had prayer. We asked that the elements might be tempered a bit because we needed to get out of the car and walk. We then stepped outside....and the rain stopped!!! We returned home about 6pm, still the rain was gone but rather cold, to a warm home and a crock-pot of chicken and vegetables. I hope to never forget the beautiful miracles that happen daily, reminding me that my Heavenly Father is very aware of me and what I am doing and as I seek to serve and be obedient He will be with me in all I do!!

Hopefully as you read this letter you can understand why each week of my life in the WA/Sea Mission just get's better and better! I really had no idea of the blessings I would be able to share with others about Jesus Christ. This past couple of weeks we have not had the investigators we wanted but we have bee able to see many people blessed each day.

I continue to thank all of you for your prayers in behalf of all the Missionaries of the Church. Yes, those 80,000 that are working so hard to be obedient and strong and faithful. We are doing the work we have been called to do and we love it. The blossoms are 'starting' to pop open. Oh, it will soon be very beautiful.
May God continue to be with each of you and bless you and please take the time to look for the Miracles in your lives!!

Love to all,
Sister Frame

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