Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"Humility is....Not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less!"‏

These are the words of C.S. Lewis from "Mere Christianity". And the words of President Hinckley's father while his son, Gordon B. Hinckley was serving a mission in England , apply with the same meaning. From the written words of a discouraged son saying he was wasting his time and thought it would be best for him to come home his father simply said, "Think of yourself less and go to work". What excellent advice this is for all of us to consider.

I am telling you....after about 2 weeks of torrential rainfall, the blossoms are popping open and the area is just incredible with beauty. When you come to Seattle in the spring it is breathtakingly beautiful. This colorful azaleas just brighten up this part of the world along with the forsythia and the pink and white blossoms on the trees. I just love seeing all this come to life.

Big beautiful bush full of small blossoms.

We visited a couple in our ward Sunday. Our Mormon Message was "The Will of God" and the message given is to remind each of us to 'willingly accept and even seek correction'. As this dear couple watched this message, tears rolled down their checks. After years and years of loving and working with an adopted child (a nephew) who had caused great and insufferable pain to them, the Spirit spoke to them during this 'Message" and helped them realize the 'pruning' that had taken place in their lives for some 30 years. It was a great privilege to be in their home and realize we were 'instruments' in their lives this day to play a duet of "Sweet Peace" to them.

Monday evening, after P-day, we joined The R Family for dinner. Elders Kendell and Garriss were also with us. Closing the hour with them after a delicious meal the Elders shared a message and then we 4 Missionaries sang "A Child's Prayer" using the ipad for music. The song brought the Spirit so intensely into their home is was wonderful and all had tears in our eyes. Brother R commented how he really appreciated the blessing we brought into their home and said, "We will have you back". Remember, we all are missionaries in many things we do each day. People are watching us and whether they are active in the church or less-active or a non-member, we each need to be very aware of how our words and actions are registering of them.

Tuesday we met with Penelope who was less-active about 8 months ago. Our visit that day was nice, we love each other dearly and as we were ready to present our lesson, her non-member neighbor came to her door to return a book. He stayed, enjoyed the lesson, was visibly touched by our song and we closed with prayer. He commented on how his church no longer sang traditional hymns and that he missed it very much. We invited him to Sacrament meeting with his friend so he could feel the Spirit of Worship through words and music. Who knows, until tomorrow, if he will come but I do know a seed was planted and his heart was touched through words and music on this afternoon.

This week we have knocked on about 100 doors. We have found no investigators but however hard this is, we must choose faith over doubt, choose faith over fear, choose faith over the unknown and unseen and choose faith over permission. Preach My Gospel says we have to FIND people before we can teach them so that is what we are trying to do. So, as this work goes on, I will choose to have faith that we will be blessed with success in finding people to be able to teach and baptize them. This is missionary work and all missionaries are expected to set these high expectations with the faith that miracles will happen.

Our Companion Study this week is from pg 126 in PMG. This page speaks of 9 Attributes of the Savior with statements about each attribute and the scriptures that go with the statements. This is such an excellent experience to spend time during our personal study in these areas and then share  with them with each other during Companion Study. The Spirit resides very strong as we work hard to learn and improve to be more like our Savior. I love doing this! We have studied Faith and Diligence so far. I love a note given to us by Elder Kendell, our District Leader about Faith. Elder Holland said, "Never Let Your Faith be Difficult to Detect". Doesn't that make all of us want to study and work harder and prayer harder to be given greater Faith. Go to this page and read through the activity.

Friday morning we went visiting a lady whose name had just come up in the Ward Directory. Her name had "Do Not Contact" on the paper but we decided to just try again to see if we could understand why she did not want to be contacted. We had gone a week ago and no one was home. We knocked, the door opened and we asked the lady if she was Marie. She paused for about 5-8 seconds and answered yes. Well, we visited about 15 minutes standing outside her door. She shared that she 'always' tells people that "Marie just left and went to the store" but today she just could not get the words to come out. After an invitation to come to church and another pause, she said yes she would enjoy that, (It helps that our church starts at 1:00 for those that love to sleep in on weekends). Sunday morning we was dress and ready to come and she stayed for the entire block..and really enjoyed it. Daily each of us are faced with decisions in our life that will make a difference of good or ill and it is so good to see and feel the effects of choosing wisely.

Today I want to share my testimony with you.
I know that God lives and He knows who I am.
I know Jesus is the Christ and because He chose to drink of the bitter cup, the blessings of the Atonement are all of ours.
I know we have a Prophet on the earth today and that Pres. Thomas S. Monson directs the people of the words. I am really looking forward for General Conference.
I love being in the mission field! I am excited daily to share those things I love and cherish with those who have forgotten or those who know knot what I know and love. When we rub shoulders with these Elders and Sisters in just our Wa-Sea Mission, I can hardly comprehend the power and strength of 80,000 strong Missionaries doing just what we are doing and being tutored and guided by The Lord. This is just so glorious and I love it!!

I love my family with all my heart...ranging from Mom who is 93, young adults, teenagers and elementary kids to the little people...all 29 of them! My Children are so good to me and with the technology of today, I can send a short text and in a couple of minutes or a couple of days get my desired request. Thanks to all of you!! May God continue to be with and bless all of you and may we all continue to look for the Miracles that are daily a part of our lives and then record them so we don't forget them.
Please continue to keep all the missionaries in your prayers!

Love to all of you,
Sister Frame

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