Sunday, May 18, 2014

"Without working hard, nothing grows but weeds". - Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley‏

The thought above about work embellishes all we are doing in the mission field. This week we have worked very hard...visiting 43 members and 17 non-members for a total of 60 visits. In probably 90% of the homes we give a message (often from my i-pad and the Mormon Messages) sing a song (using the i-pad for the music) and have a prayer. This little i-pad has been such a blessing in the missionary work we are doing. It is such a powerful tool it will be wonderful when all the Elders and Sisters have one for a companionship. We had 31 to church which is the most we have had...with 6 weeks to go and we gave 7 1/2 service hours. Really, it is Sat. night and we are both 'just tired'. I guess it is a fact that these two "Little Ole Ladies" are stopping a bit early which is 5:15.

Bro Treadwell
I love that we visited many people and seemed to make a difference in their lives. I hope over the last 16 1/2 months I have rather become more like Bro.
Treadwell's "Tin Man"...who was tireless and has no need of food or drink or sleep. Of Dorothy's companion in "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz", the Tin Man was always the most sensitive, tender and emotional of his companion. I do feel I have been blessed by the Spirit to grow in these areas and sometimes I certainly yearn for 'more sleep' instead of none at all. Brother Treadwell was in a car accident at 17 and has been paralyzed from the waist down. He married a beautiful woman who was also in a wheelchair and they adopted a daughter. His wife passed on and he lives in this home with an 'incredible' yard he plans, plants and grooms. We love his positive and happy spirit.

We visited Alicia who has been less-active for many, many years, she is a recovering Alcoholic and is just such a wonderful lady. This week we taught her "The Will of God" on the Mormon Messages and shared thoughts and scriptures that tell of the Love Inspired correction that was given to Elder Hugh B. Brown. She is such a delightful woman with such strong determination to "reach the high expectations" she has set for herself.!!

Brother and Sister Mah delight us with their desire to do things for us. He is 80 years old and she is about 75.

We have been to the home of Pepe about 7-8 times and have only visited with her two times. She is very less-active but has told us she would like to come to church. Well, last week her brother passed away and she called "The Sisters" to find out who the Bishop is and how to have a funeral in our Seatac Ward. Her parents are from Samoa and they flew to Seattle and were so touched that the Bishop would conduct the funeral for a man and his family he did not even know. We went early to see if we could do anything....she said in a paniced voice that there were no tables set up to feed 100 people. So, these "Minute Men" (that would be The Sisters) went into motion and found 5 young teenagers sitting around. We asked if they would help and their polite and respectful manner was such a 'tribute' to their families...whomever they were. The job was completed in about 30 minutes; we called a sister in our ward who has decorations and she told us to hurry right over (10 miles) because she was leaving in 1 hour. We call the RS President and she said they were not doing 'the food'. Oh my!! This was at 10:30 and the funeral started at 11:00. The funeral was ending at 12:05 and we could 'smell' no food and both Sister Carter and I had a heart attack. We did find out a while after worrying that the food was catered. "Whew!" The casket could not go through the side chapel doors so I was assigned to hold the door open at the back of the chapel. As the casket is being rolled out, the Samoan Congregation started singing beautiful Island Songs and chants and I want you to know this was very much a cultural of the many we have been blessed to experience while in the Washington Seattle Mission.

We had a delightful visit with the Campbells...a young, vibrant couple.
He works at Boeing and she teaches "Circus". They moved into his Grandfather's BEAUTIFUL yard and home.
The Rhodendrums in the NW are so beautiful. This is Sister Carter/ Sister Frame admiring their flowers and this is the adorable couple.

District Meeting was this last week and it is probably the last time our District will be together. Transfers will be on Tuesday, May 20 so there are usually many changes. This is the picture of our District:
Elders Pfister, Wohlgemuth, Gorner and Chadwick.
Hermana Boley; Sisters Carter/Frame and Hermana Pier.
We have had such excellent meetings where Elder Wohlgemuth, who is our District Leader, has taught us very well and we just respect him very much. We meet in the Normandy Park Building and Sister Carter and I REALLY miss being at the Seattle Stake Center where all the other missionaries are.

I wanted to send more pictures so you will have an idea of what is going on with the people.
I love them all and after living in the same home and the same home ward for about 45 years, I have been amazingly surprised at how much love I have in my heart for all these New Friends. We have been in and out of more home than even our Bishop Floyd and it seems as we meet with them in their homes, they are more willing to trust us and love us and listen to and feel our testimonies.

I love The Gospel of Jesus Christ with all my heart and feel it a blessing and a privilege to be able to serve Him. I love the Book of Mormon and I know the words I read are words of truth and are those teachings of Jesus Christ. I am so thankful for the Prophet Joseph Smith and for all he did to bring forth this great book and to be an instrument in the hands of God to organize the Church in these Latter-days!!
It was so incredibly AWESOME to speak with my Mom and all six of The Frame Children and Grandchildren on Mother's Day. I love them and their words of kindness and love and support for the work I am doing. I love the letters they write and the pictures they send and the love they seem to have for each other!!
May God Be with all of you this week and bless you. Take the time to look for the many Miracles that are a part of your lives this week and record them.
"I know My Savior Lives and Loves Me Still". I am so thankful for this knowledge!

Love to all of you,
Sister Frame

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