Saturday, May 3, 2014

A promise of the Lord!

"Whether it is the best of times or the worst of times, He is with us.  He has promised that this will never change"    Pres. Thomas S. Monson

When we hear the words of the Prophets or the Leaders we work with, they are meant to be as if The Lord has said it himself and what a blessing it is to all of us to hear what His words are to guide, direct and uplift each of us.  This was been a great week in my life...the work has gone well and we were able to have Zone Conference Wed. from 9am-4pm....wishing that it could have gone on longer!!

Sunday was just such a great day!  The sun was shining, the temperature was wonderful, all six missionaries in our ward spoke....for 3-4 Sacrament Meeting and then The Ward Mission Leader closed the meeting with his remarks.  This really was a good meeting and there were 29 less-actives in attendance.  Our "High Expectation" for when we leave in 8 weeks is 40 in attendance to Sacrament.  We hope this will happen.  We have worked very hard to teach them with The Spirit that will help them choose to  want to come weekly and be fed spiritually.  Even if the number is not what we set for a goal....the road to this expectation has been a wonderful experience and we have met and known and learned to love many, many people!!
Monday we went to North Seattle and had a "fun get-together" with Sisters Swensen/Walker,  Sisters White/Stanworth, Elder and Sister Harris and Elder and Sister Bagley. We were going to meet for a picnic in the park but the weather turned chilly.  We met in Sisters White/Stanworth's apartment  and talked and visited and laughed for a couple of hours ....oh, and we also could I forget to say that!!   That evening we also had a dinner appointment at 6:00 with Elders Brown/Garriss.  When Sister Carter and I arrived at the home, they had completely forgotten the Missionaries were coming and they just about died of embarrassment.  It really was so sad for them and we were just fine.  We texted the Elders and told them to meet us at Dave's Diner on 188th Street and we would treat them to dinner.  This was the last week of the month and we knew they were low on food and also money;  it really was fun to be with them for an hour and hear what they were doing and how their teaching was going.  Since they do not have cars...only bikes and feet...we do not get to see them as often as we have been able to see other Elders so this was a great time for all four of us.

  Tuesday we went to Dick and Annabelle's home to work in their yard.  Dick is 87 and Annabelle is 82.  She has had knee surgery and is not recovering very fast the 'two ole Sisters' go to serve outside and it felt WONDERFUL!!  We did the front yard and the side yard in about 3 1/2 hours and actually it looked really quite well.  Annabelle had sandwiches made for us when we were finished and a great time was had and we came home with pink cheeks (Yeah) and some pink on our arms and necks.   We love these two dear people and are so pleased that they usually come to church 3 out of 4 times each month.

Wednesday was our Zone Conference and this is absolutely the best Zone Conference we have had in 16 months in the Mission Field.  The Spirit was tangible and as Pres. Choi started the meeting he asked us if we were ready for the conference and if we were ready  to accept the guidance and council given to us individually by those that would teach us.  We were told He would teach us things we never realized before and we needed to prepare ourselves with an open heart.  What we would hear would be very valuable whether we were new missionaries or leaving soon.  This was so impressive to me and I wanted so much to listen and glean what was available for ME!    We were taught of David and Goliath; High Expectations and being compared to popcorn; Why are Pres & Sister Choi, Pres & Sister Miller and Pres & Sister Wood always sitting on the stand in our Zone Conferences;  Learning by Struggling;  Obedience...the fundamental Law in the Kingdom of God;  pushing rocks;  Challenges and blessings; Agency;  Learning to read Pres. Choi's mind.....and on and on and on!!!  What more can I say.  I just hope all of you can have the opportunity to sit at the feet of a Mission President, such as Pres. Choi and Pres. Larkin, and be able to feel their spirits and to be taught truths from on high!!!

   Thursday is planning day until 1:00 and then it is back to work on the streets.  Today we went to about 20+ homes looking for the people that were on our New Ward Directory.  When we returned home, we listed 15 names that were not living where the addresses said they were.  We spoke with neighbors, apt managers and anyone else that could validate the information we had and we will turn this list in to the Ward Clerk on Sunday.  This makes it possible to go and find the people we think are living at the addresses.  This was a very good day and at 10:15pm we were horizontal and 'dead' asleep in about 32 seconds!
     Friday we visited Jack and shared with him the Mormon Message, 'The Will of God' about  The Current Bush and Hugh B Brown.  Jack was sitting on the back steps watching it and tears came to his eyes and he was just simply  'touched' by the Spirit and it was so good for him.  Later as we visited he told me of an experience when he had fallen off a hay wagon onto the blacktop.  His uncle was sure he was injured badly and stopped the truck and ran to him.  At this time Jack was crying as he told me the story about how he knew Heavenly Father had protected him.  When we visited Jack about 14 months ago, he had not been to church in over 15 years.  Why?  I guess he just got lost in the shuffle...his wife died, his mother died and his son made some very poor choices.  I guess maybe he did not feel much love....untill two 'ole Sister Missionaries' came to his home and invited him to come to church...AND HE CAME!!!!!
   This morning during part of my study time I went to my ipad and listened to Pres. Choi's Priesthood Session talk on Oct 2009  Conference.  It is called "I Love Loud Boys".  Please take the time to listen to this beautiful message given by my incredible Mission President and feel the Spirit I am able rub shoulders with so often.  Oh, I love Pres. and Sister Choi with all my heart!
   Today we went to the Temple at 8:00 am...session starting at 9:00 and home about 11:45.
This is such an incredible opportunity to be able to attend the Seattle Temple as we pause from the hectic schedule of missionary work.  When we returned home and visited with a couple of our appointments we went to the Bread Bank....wondering if Joe would be in a good mood or not.
He was so glad to see us....gave us about 70+ packages of bread of many kinds, bagels, English muffins, donuts, sweet rolls and rolls and sandwich buns.  Also there were round balls of Sourdough Bread!    It took us about 1 1/2 hours to dispense of this commodity and the people were just so happy....especially when we gave the little people a 6-pack of donuts!  We hope that giving this bread away, with  Missionary tags on our hearts, will expose the church to many, many people and that they will feel the Love of Jesus Christ as we do this service to His children.
   Well, this day is far spent, our week is completed and our Fast has started. I hope that the blessings of our Heavenly Father rest upon all your heads in the week to come. I haven't heard much from my children this week, which probably means all is well OR that the world has collapsed and they do not want me to worry.  But regardless of the reasons, I am thankful for their prayers and their support as I am doing something I never thought in my wildest dreams I would do....and I love it sooooo much!!!
I have a Testimony that Heavenly Father knows me very well and wants me to live in a manner that I can find happiness as I love and Serve.  I know Jesus is the Christ and the Redeemer of the World.  I am so thankful for the Atonement and for the blessings that are all of ours because of it.
Take the time to recognize the Miracles in your lives and to record will forget if you don't.

I love all of you very much and thank you for the notes and letters.  They mean the world to me.
God be with you and bless each of you this week!

Sister Frame

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