Monday, May 12, 2014

"Therefore what manner of men ought ye to be Verily I say unto you evan as I am " 3 Nephi 27:27‏

I watched this Mormon Message on Last Sunday when I was fasting, titled "Christlike Attributes" and I was filled with such gratitude for who Jesus Christ was and what He did for all of us. This really was a great experience to have to start a new week and I am thankful for the awareness of the "Attributes of Christ". Aristotle said, "We are what we repeatedly do; Excellence. then is not an act, but a habit." This beautiful thoughts helps us to be able to realize those attributes of our Savior, we need to practice and practice them over and over again until they become a habit!

Monday we attended FHE and had a potluck dinner. We continue to drive Nancy with us and realizing each event she attends she grows more like the Savior and stronger in living the values we believe in. Oh, I love this 'spaghetti mix' of brothers and sisters' all so different from each other but no matter, all are my brothers and sisters and loved by God just as I am. It seems as if each person who attends leaves the evening a bit happier as we 'forget ourselves" and reach out to the other person, concerned with their happiness.
Tues. we had District Meeting until 1:00. I seem to say this every week, but I just am amazed at the wisdom and the ability these young Elders have as they conduct and teach us as District Meeting. We reviewed what we had learned last week at Zone Conference and our main topic was how to 'understand' those we teach, serve, love and associate with. Elder Wohlgemuth also discussed 1 Nephi 31:2-3 about The Doctrine of Christ and the plainness of it. The best way for all of us to teach is to 'keep it simple'. I love the meeting and our assignment during the week was from 6-9. He ended by saying, "if you believe in God, then what are you doing to show Him you do".

That afternoon we went out and taught six people. It was a good day. When we returned about 5:30, the rain was just pouring down so we decided to stay home. I had four pair of slacks that needed to me altered and re-hemmed for Elder Webb and Garriss so I spent the evening stitching. This felt good to sew and also to serve. They Elders were extremely happy when they were done the following day.

Wednesday was a beautiful day!! We taught Anita and Jean who both live in Bow Court.God's hand was very visible in our lives this day. It was just so absolutely amazing how happy we made Anita. Whenever we go it seems that is the day she has been thinking of us and hoping we would come. She still has not attended church but literal angels have touched her heart that was angry and hard. We asked her to come to church on our last day, June 30, 2014. She said she really would rather come to FHE the week before because she only wears jeans. This is a miracle that she would even suggest coming. Oh, we love her and we always leave her with a spiritual message, a song and a prayer....and a BIG hug. You know what, all of us just need to be love and when so many people live alone....with usually a dog or cat....the touch and hug of another person is just priceless!!

Jean is such an incredible 90 year old, almost blind non-member and she is just the best!! After visiting for a while we left her with a spiritual message, a song....and oh dear, we started to chat about something else...and then headed for the door. This dear soul said to us, "Well, if we aren't going to pray together I guess I will say God Bless the Sisters"! Oh my, we were so embarrassed that we goofed. She was just adorable as she waited for us to come back and have standing prayer and holding hands.Roberta just needs us to stop and see her...tell her of our love...give her also a message, a song and a prayer. She is going to the temple in about 3-4 weeks for her Endowments

Then we went to pick up Doris. She does not have a car and LOVES to eat at "Jack-in-the-Box"
Yes, she also loves the largest burger and fries and lemonade so that is exactly what she got. As we were eating and visiting her comments was, "You Sisters just have no idea how happy you have made me by taking me to lunch. I just love you both and Thank-you so much!!!" Wow! Do you even wonder why this is such an incredible experience of serving others and representing The Lord, Jesus Christ.

We had Bishop's meeting at 6:00 in our Clubhouse with him and the 4 Elders who work our Seatac Ward. Then we ran to two men's home...both named Steven. One had thought we were tax collectors when we went to his home a month ago. He told us "Steve" had moved so we gave the name to our clerk and it was sent to Salt Lake. The other "Steve" has been less-active for most of his life because of some things his father did. We had a really good chat on his porch and left with an invite to church...he did not say no but also did not 'promise' to come. However, The Sisters planted a seed in his heart that His Heavenly Father cared about him and sent us to see how he was. Then we went back to the Clubhouse and met with Brother Schaat, our Ward Mission Leader and the Elders and us again. This was a most glorious day. We love the people; we love the work and we love the privilege of feeling The Spirit so many times this day.

Another day we were trying to introduce two ward sisters to each other so they might become friends and then when we leave neither of them will feel as alone. They are Penny and Vicky. We took them to "The Happy Hour Special" at Bahama Breeze. Everything is $5.00 per serving and it was so much time. We are not sure it will give us the results we wanted but both of the sisters had just a great time. We feel that "time' will be our Friend and they might become friends.

We made soup for John and his wife. He is ALWAYS saying that no one cares about them and they are sad. He is 80 and she is about 72 so we have always tried to go out of our way to go give messages, songs and prayers to try and cheer them up. Whew! He really is a handful but nevertheless, he is a child of God and deserves to be treated with love and kindness.

Norm and Alisa were so happy to see us another afternoon. They are both in their early 80's and love for us to come and see them. Our message this day was from Luke 15:11-32...about the Prodigal Son. Then we showed them the Mormon Message of "The Other Prodigal Son". This was just an wonderful time of teaching and feeling the spirit and knowing they did also.

On Friday we picked up Nancy and went to Smith's home to sing and share a message. We were a bit late and had another event to attend so we did only sing about five hymns and visit for a few minutes. They love to have us come and then I always hustle up the hill to get their mail so this 92 year old man does not have to do it on this day. Love them so much!!

Friday evening, May 9 we were going to Benaroya Hall in Downtown Seattle for an event with the Ensign Symphony and Choir performing Dr. Crawford Gates "Visions of Eternity". Our plan was to take Irene, a non-member but she became very sick with her bad heart yesterday so she did not go. We invited Dwight and Nancy, dear, dear friends who are both music majors and it was just awesome. We walked 3 blocks from the light rail but it was just so nice outside and when the concert was over we found the light rail under our building so we just took an elevator down, caught the trail and were home in about 23 minutes. This was such a great event and we loved it!!! The Hall is on 200th University and it just makes sense that the University Station stop for the light rail was in this area. The is the first time in 16 1/2 month we were in bed late....10:40 instead of 10:30.

Well, tomorrow is Mother's Day. I am very thankful for my mom and I love her very much. I am thankful she has been strong and well, except the winter I left for Seattle, and everyone says she is still doing well.
How thankful I am for the six beautiful daughters I have that are mothers and also for their strength of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as they love their husbands and serve them and their children.
I Know that God lives and that He knows me and loves me! I am so thankful for Jesus Christ and for His obedience and The Atonement He performed for all of us. I also know He lives.
I LOVE the Book of Mormon more each day I read and study it and I know Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God in these latter days and that he was instrumental in Restoring the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth.
How thankful I am to be able to serve my Heavenly Father. Thankful for the many Miracles that are a part of my life. Each of you take the time to look for 'your miracles' and write them down.

God Bless each of you always.
Love to you,
Sister Frame

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